RIM will reportedly produce 12,000 Limited Edition BlackBerry Developer devices

There’s a great deal of enthusiasm behing RIM’s BlackBerry 10 OS, unfortunately we won’t see it come to life until Q1 2013. Developers are reportedly embracing the OS and so is Alec Saunders, RIM’s VP of Developer Relations. He’s traveling the world promoting the BlackBerry 10 Jam sessions and the latest stop was in Singapore. The information was the generally same, but according to a post on BerryReview they revealed a few new insights into the limited edition device that developers will be receiving.

First, there seems to be a white version of the Dev Alpha device floating around. It’s pictured above and is a nice addition. RIM recently announced that over 5,000 developer devices have been seeded, with more to be released this summer.

During BlackBerry World 2012 Saunders declared that any developer who creates an app for BB10, then sends back the Alpha device to RIM will receive a limited edition edition BB10 smartphone. The Dev Alpha devices are all made in Waterloo and have been capped at 12,000. This means there will only be 12,000 limited edition BlackBerry devices heading to developers hands, which will reportedly come with “colours that will never be seen on any BlackBerry devices” and sport some sort of engraving on the back.

Source: BerryReview