Rumour: here are the major differences between Windows 7.8 and Windows 8

The next version of Windows Phone is coming, and it looks to be a barnburner. In addition to support for multi-core processors, high-definition displays and a variety of added sensors and chips such as NFC, Windows Phone 8 will have integrated Skype and improved cloud support over WP7.

This is from a leaked document obtained by WP7Forum.ru, which has a history of leaked information of questionable validity. The above list, compiled to display the differences between Windows Phone 7.8 and the successor WP8, shows Microsoft drawing a line in the sand, deciding that however young its nascent operating system is, reaching end-of-life status may be the best thing for the future of Windows Phone. Windows Phone 8 shares a kernel with its desktop counterpart, requiring developers to recompile their apps to be compatible.

One of the interesting inclusions looks to be TV show recognition: like Shazam is to music, Windows Phone 8 will be able to recall specific television shows based on small soundbites. It’s not yet known whether Microsoft built the technology natively or brought it to the OS through acquisition, but it will certainly be a much-discussed feature when it debuts.

Other features we know about are Internet Explorer 10, improved voice commands, OTA updates directly from Microsoft and built-in visual voicemail for all carriers.

Lots to look forward to in the coming months, so bring on WP8!

Source: WP7Forum
Via: WPCentral