Samsung’s three new Galaxy S III commercials show off sharing, as long as everyone has the same phone

The Galaxy S III may be one of the best smartphones ever released, but it’s still in its infancy, and the likelihood of an entire room of people having the same device is pretty small. That hasn’t stopped Samsung from releasing three new commercials showing off what is possible with the new device, as long as it’s shared among friends or family.

The ShareShot feature of the device allow you transfer files instantly between devices, like in the waiting room example below. To share media in the cloud, Samsung is offering AllShare Play to counter Dropbox and Google Drive, though at the moment its feature set is fairly limited.

Check out the various commercials after the break; the many cameras, many problems one really hit home for me. What do you think of these ads? Do they make you want to go out and buy a Galaxy S III?

Via: Business Insider