Word Lens for Android translates the real world in real time using your phone’s camera

Most apps tend to be little: self-contained and enclosed, with limited purview on the world itself. You can use a productivity app to make your life easier, or a payment app to lighten your wallet, but there are few apps that have such an immediate and lasting usefulness as Word Lens.

The idea is simple: you point your phone’s camera at a block of text and, if it is legible enough, will use augmented reality to translate that object to a number of languages in real time. Unlike Google Translate, Word Lens downloads an entire dictionary to your phone, so you can use it abroad even when you don’t have internet access. As you can see from the example above, the results are pretty incredible.

The app has a free demo, but the paid app starts at $4.99 for a single language pack, and that is considered an “introductory rate.”

There are three currently available for Android: Spanish, Italian and French, with more on their way. There is also an iOS version available.

Source: Google Play
Via: Android Police