Facebook app for BB10 looks slick in leaked renders

We just heard from RIM earlier today that BB10 is on track for a January release, and will be “without compromise.” One such essential app that users will inevitably flock to is Facebook, which is among the most popular native apps on iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone.

In a series of leaked slides showing off the interface, it looks like Facebook for BB10 will hew quite closely to the existing native app interfaces while maintaining something of a Cascades-like design. The interface design, which originated with RIM’s purchased of TAT (The Astonishing Tribe) in 2010, makes swiping from screen to screen a cinch, without losing your original place. As we showed you in our brief BB10 demo, this is a consistent gesture throughout the operating system, and due to the extensive native SDK and Sharing API provided by RIM, developers will be encouraged to create apps that have a similar look and feel, much like in iOS.

Check after the break for another example of the Facebook app, which seems to be coming along nicely.

Source: N4BB