Google+ for iOS updated with iPad support, Google+ Events

As promised, Google has updated its Google+ app to support the iPad, and has made feature parity with Android by adding the ability to start Hangouts and Events from within the app. Google+ Events was a big feature that was touted as a “Facebook killer” during I/O two weeks ago and though there is plenty of potential there, the sheer audience scarcity is going to make it difficult for people to pick up on it.

On the positive side, though, Google+ for iPad is a beautiful, graphics-rich app that takes full advantage of the tablet’s Retina display. The app uses full-screen images in addition to small blocks of text to emphasize that change, and to differentiate it from Facebook and Twitter; Google seems to be gearing the network towards photographers, especially.

You can now also initiate, as well as join, a Google Hangout from within the app, something that will be of great value to conference users.

Pick up the updated Google+ for iOS from the App Store.

Via: TheNextWeb