Potential Nokia, Samsung Windows Phone 8 models revealed in leaked slide

Looks like the cat is out of the bag for some of Nokia’s upcoming Windows Phone 8 models, though by the end of this post you won’t know much more than you did to start. Looks like a couple of model numbers, Fluid, Dogphone, P4301 and Phi from Nokia, SGH-i687 from Samsung and, well, a weird thing called Juggernaut Alpha, comprise the list. They’re all ostensibly running some form of text WP8 build but their screen resolutions, 800×480, bely a WP7 past. This leads us to believe that they are either test units or prototypes, or are being used to adapt WP8 to smaller screen sizes. We also see several iterative builds of WP8, meaning that development is still very much in transit.

Either way, we know that Nokia, Samsung, HTC and Huawei are among the first OEMs to build Windows Phone 8 devices, coming later this year.

Source: WPDang
Via: Engadget