Purported new iPhone engineering sample confirms larger display, evolutionary design

The new iPhone will be taller but no wider than the current model, with a metal backing and slightly modified antenna design. This information has been gleaned from a purported engineering sample taken from a facility in China, though realistically it could just be yet another mock-up. Until Apple announces the new iPhone, likely sometime in September, we won’t know for certain.

The length of the device, 120mm tall, is some 5mm more than the current model. Extra space will be saved by eliminating some of the bezel, according to the source. The extra height will be used by apps to display more information, and will bring the iPhone to a 16:9  ratio, like many of the top-of-the-line Android phones.

Its rumoured 7.9mm thickness could mean a smaller battery, but that may be offset by smaller components and the device’s extra height.

While there’s not a lot to go on here — it looks more a slab of metal than a phone to us — it’s always intriguing to see what Apple has been experimenting with. Take a look after the break for an image of the phone’s back.

Source: GottaBeMobile
Via: MacRumours