Toronto Police say pocket-dials have decreased by 10,000, videos released about the impact of butt-dials

The Toronto Police have been on a mission since January to reduce the number of pocket dials coming into 9-1-1. Last year they reported a total of 107,000 pocket−dials, but this year they’ve announced a drop by 10,000 calls in the first 6-months. Specifically noting June results of 7,370 pocket−dial calls, which the Police says “the numbers are still too high.” To continue the education of pocket-dials a couple videos have been created that take aim at the butt-dials, those people who put their phone in the back pocket and accidently call 9-1-1 and waste taxpayers money as every call that comes in has to be verified if it’s an emergency or not. Check out the video below.

Source: Toronto Police