Facebook SDK for iOS updated with native UI calls and full iOS 6 integration

Facebook has announced a huge update to its SDK for iOS — the building blocks on which developers can integrate Facebook features into their apps — to bring it into a more competitive arena with Twitter. This is on the heels of an expected update for Facebook for mobile that will bring a more native (read: significantly quicker) user experience.

The SDK update, which sits at version 3.0 beta, is built around three major tenets: better session management; new native UI calls within apps; improved API support; and, finally, better iOS 6 integration. Like with Twitter in iOS 5, the new version of iOS will allow developers to build one-click Facebook login for quick app access.

The new UI calls will allow developers to easily access users’ profile photos and Facebook Places in existing apps, which will hopefully bring more uses to the company’s near-failed location enterprise.

Past the technical jargon, the new SDK opens the doors for a better Facebook experience on iOS, one that hopefully includes a new, faster and more stable app. Bring on iOS 6!

Source: Facebook
Via: Engadget