Samsung expands cloud storage options with out-of-box SugarSync support

Samsung and SugarSync are collaborating to provide any AllShare Play-enabled mobile device to connect to SugarSync’s cloud with 5GB of free storage. AllShare Play is a feature built into the Galaxy S III (and likely future Samsung handsets) that allows users to share movies, music and other information from phone to phone over WiFi Direct. The collaboration will bring the ability to tap into your cloud storage to pull content before sharing it.

“At SugarSync, we think the mobile experience is very important for users, which is why we have been the leader in mobile innovation for personal cloud and support more mobile devices and platforms than any other Cloud provider,” said Laura Yecies, CEO of SugarSync. “Expanding our relationship with Samsung to be integrated into their mobile devices is a natural progression, as this will give Samsung mobile users a way of sharing content via the SugarSync Cloud across multiple devices from within AllShare Play.”

There are a lot of interesting things that can be done with AllShare Play, though it will take the Galaxy S III hitting market share critical mass for it to be widely-used. At this point AllShare Play is a really nice idea made better by the inclusion of SugarSync. If you’re already a SugarSync user, however, you’ll be pretty happy with this announcement.

Source: SugarSync