Samsung officially opens first retail store in Canada

Back in May Samsung said that they’d be opening a retail store, aptly named the “Samsung Store,” sometime during the “Summer 2012.” Well, today it seems like the day has arrived.

The Samsung Store is located in Burnaby at the Metropolis and is just what you would imagine it to be like: lots of Samsung products. This is the manufacturers first North American branded location and the total space is 140-square-meters. Inside it’s well lit with dedicated sections for laptops, TVs, notebooks, tablets and smartphones. Of course there’s Samsung reps ready to educate you on all the products, however, if you don’t feel like speaking to them you can simply get your hands on a device, say the GS III, and play around with it. Additional information can be gathered by accessing a Galaxy Tab, such as device specs and pricing. Since Samsung relies heavily on carriers for wireless distribution they have also included a couple touchscreen displays that gives various rate plans (Bell, TELUS, Rogers, Fido, Koodo, Virgin).

James Politeski, president of Samsung Canada, said “This is a huge play for us. We’re super psyched; it’s a beautiful environment in which to experience a multitude of different Samsung products not only how they work themselves but also how they work together. It’s not just a marketing initiative. It’s a fully-fledged stand alone store that will make a profit and while making that profit it will help us drive a consumer experience that is state of the art and completely Samsung.”

Source: Vancouver Sun