Update: Samsung Galaxy Note to get OS 4.0 upgrade rolling out

Samsung Canada has just announced that the long awaited Galaxy Note upgrade to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, including the Premium Suite features, will officially start rolling out tomorrow.

In previous posts it’s been expected that Rogers and TELUS would all make it available “late July,” while Bell was estimated to arrive on July 16th. However, the press release stated that “The Premium Suite upgrade for GALAXY Note users will be available from Canadian carriers tomorrow. For specific details, please contact your local carrier.” Check out the Premium Suite features here, plus full press release here.

Update: Looks like the updates are hitting Rogers devices… we’ve been tipped that users can now upgrade OTA. For all the other carriers, such as Bell and TELUS, let us know if you’re seeing Ice Cream Sandwich on your Note.

Update #2: Bell users are now reporting that the upgrade has hit their Note.

Update #3: TELUS Galaxy Note users can now upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich.

(Thanks Sam, Alzaz & Jackson!)