ZTE to unveil one of the “one of the most advanced gaming smartphones” next week

ZTE isn’t a name you immediately think of when you refer to high-end smartphones, especially not ones that focus on the latest hardware and graphics capabilities. But the company’s London bureau tweeted today that there are “6 days left until you can have one of the MOST ADVANCED GAMING SMARTPHONES in your hands!”

Like Huawei, ZTE is a Chinese manufacturer looking to shed its “cheap and cheerful” image in order to make inroads into the far more profitable high-end, high margin smartphone world. Samsung and Apple have been the two major success stories in this regard, but ZTE is still the world’s fourth-largest phone manufacturer despite having virtually no brand recognition outside of China.

What this “most advanced gaming smartphone” could entail is a mystery to us; unless the company has sourced its own high-end chips, they’ll likely be working with either a Tegra 3 or some sort of ARM Cortex-A9/Mali-400 combination, which will not best Samsung’s Exynos 4 Quad, but we’re curious nonetheless.

Would you buy a ZTE phone if it came to Canada?

Source: Android Central