Update: Some Nexus 7 pre-orders shipping within three business days

Are you eagerly awaiting your Nexus 7 to ship from Google’s headquarters? According to a canned message on their support line, the 7-inch tablets will begin shipping within three business days, which brings us into the middle of next week. Because Canada is on the list of the first countries to receive the tablet, we’re sure that a number of you who have pre-ordered are on that list. However, retailers such as Staples say that their stock will be in by July 23rd, which brings us into the following week. Either way, Canadians should receive their tablets by the end of July, though likely much sooner.

The device, which we really liked, is severely hobbled by a lack of content services in Canada, but we’re hoping that down the road Google, like Apple did with iTunes, expands its services to include music, magazine subscriptions and movie/television purchases.

Update: Looks like some Canadian retailers have started selling the Nexus 7 and are already sold out. Staples says they will have another shipment coming on Tuesday, July 17th.

Source: Twitter
Via: Droid-life