You can now reserve the TAG Heuer RACER, still an overpriced Android starting at $3,600

Did you forget about the TAG Heuer RACER? This is the famous watch designers attempt into releasing an Android-powered smartphone. The price is upscale (for me) at a over $3,600, but runs the “latest Android software,” which is probably not Jelly Bean, but Gingerbread. In addition, there’s 4 types of the Racer devices available:

– Prestige Gold (Suggested retail price starting at 2 950€, so $8,069 CDN)
– Racing Carbon (Suggested retail price starting at 4,500€, so $5,586 CDN)
– Night Racer (Suggested retail price starting at 3,600€, so $4,469 CDN)
– Sport Classic (Suggested retail price starting at 2,950€, so $3,661 CDN)

All have their own unique attributes and come loaded with “two dedicated and embedded applications,” those being “So Apps” that helps you classify your apps by category. The other app is the “TAG Heuer Mobile Security” app, this is the “best in class application to protect your mobile data and privacy.”

TAG stated back in March that this would launch sometime in July. I’ve reached out to various locations and none have them in stock yet. However, the good news is that for those who want to drop your hard earned cash you can now reserve one of these via TAG. Who’s buying?

Source: TAG