NYT says Apple’s 7.85-inch iPad will cost “significantly less” than the new iPad

A “mini” version of Apple’s iPad has been rumoured for about a year now. Every major publication has jumped on board to say that this new product is in the works, possibly already being manufactured, and that Apple will potentially announce the 7 – 8 inch tablet in October.

Now adding to the rumours is the New York Times. According to “several people with knowledge of the project” Apple is currently “developing a new tablet with a 7.85-inch screen.” Although there is no price listed you’d expect it to sell for less, specifically because it will compete with all the other smaller tablets on the market: Nexus 7, PlayBook, Galaxy Tab and Microsoft’s upcoming Surface tablet. The NYT states that Apple will come launch with a price point that’s “significantly less” than the new iPad’s at $499 (has a 9.7-inch display). Previous reports have stated the price of this smaller iPad will be around the $250-$300 mark.

Source: NYT
Via: Apple Insider