Bell to live stream the 2012 Olympic Games to your mobile, plus launch “Make it Epic” app for Android and iOS

The 2012 Summer Olympic Games officially start on Friday, July 27th and ends Sunday, August 12th. Bell has started to promote how easy it is to watch the games via their avenues: TV, Internet, social media and Mobile.

Specifically when it comes to their mobile offering it seems that they’ll live stream to Mobile TV, which costs $5/month for 10 hours of viewing, plus release a dedicated app called “Make it Epic.” This will be available on both iOS and Android device and asks to submit and your their own “epic” moments. Apparently the app will transform your 20-30 vid into a an exciting “Chariots of Fire” inspired theme.

Regarding the Mobile TV Olympic coverage, Bell says they’ll be offering up an “enhanced Viewers’ Guide dedicated to the Games.” This will include 15 channels that offer live streaming of the London 2012 Olympic Games coverage (7 of them will be available in HD), daily on-demand highlights, ability to set alerts and gives scheduling details of individual sporting events.

Go Canada!

Source: CNW