Windows Phone 8 to gain mass storage mode, screenshot support

Windows Phone 8 is already a behemoth next to its pint-sized and feature-lacking predecessor, but there’s evidence that two more highly-requested features are to be added to its repertoire.

First, the underrated (and highly-important in the tech blogging world) ability to take screenshots on the device itself is coming to WP8. According to WPDang, you’ll hold down the camera shutter button and Windows/Home key simultaneously to activate screenshot mode. This makes sense as it is very similar to that of iOS and Android. The desktop version of Windows has had the option of taking screenshots for years now, and we’re assuming that because the mobile and desktop versions of Windows 8 are sharing a kernel, the feature should be fairly easy to implement.

Second, mass storage mode is apparently coming to Windows Phone 8. This is in addition to native microSD support, making it possible to drag-and-drop files from your PC or Mac to your phone. We’re hoping that Microsoft opts for the more user-friendly USB storage mode and not Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) which is not natively supported on OS X.

What do you make of these announcements? Not earth-shattering by any means, repeatedly requested and important to a fully-realized end product.

Source: WPDang (2)