Rumour: New iPhone coming with LTE, NFC and double the RAM

The new iPhone is confirmed to have LTE support, a NFC chip and 1GB of RAM, according to a reliable source at BGR. The handset, which is scheduled for production later this summer with a view for an October release, is expected to be slightly taller than the current model, with a 4-inch screen. Where consumers will find more space is in the product’s thickness, which is to be under 8mm. A new metal backing, in both black and white, is expected to come to market.

Though final production doesn’t start until the end of the summer, apparently the coming model is in third-stage Engineering Verification Test, which is the precursor to final production unit. We don’t have much more information, but having NFC on the new iPhone is a big deal for the burgeoning mobile payments market.

We’ll soon see if all these rumours pan out.

Source: BGR