Virgin and Bell roll out new 6GB $60/month plan

Hot on the heels of Rogers coming out with a 6GB data plan is Virgin Mobile. Their plan also costs $60/month and gives Unlimited Incoming Calls, 300 Anytime Minutes (Rogers has 200), unlimited Weekends & Early Evenings starting at 5pm, Unlimited Canada, U.S., & International Text and Picture Messaging, and 6GB data (additional data is $10/GB). This “Limited Time Offer” ends on August 8th.

As for Bell, their Fab 10 plan was updated to include 6GB data, 200 Anytime minutes, Unlimited nationwide talk with any 10 numbers, Unlimited text, picture and video messaging and Unlimited local evenings starting at 6pm.

Source: Virgin Mobile and Bell
Via: iPhoneInCanada
(Thanks David!)