Whale Trail Frenzy brings free-to-play to Android, but Classic version still available for $1.99

When we interviewed ustwo’s Matt Miller about whether in-app purchases would be coming to the Android version of Whale Trail, he was non-committal.

Turns out the company was about to embark on an experiment to see whether two games, both alike in theme but with fundamentally different revenue models, could co-exist on Google Play. The company recently released Whale Trail Frenzy, the free-to-play version of the original, which starts players out with limited abilities and asks to either earn Krill through endlessly playing (and dying… damn clouds) or by purchasing packs of Krill for real money. Frenzy also includes a first-run advertisement that players cannot skip, so keep that in mind before giving the app one star on Google Play.

But instead of ustwo removing the old version, they’ve kept it online as Whale Trail Classic, charging $1.99 for the same old (and in my opinion, more enjoyable) version. iOS users don’t have that option — the Classic version has been nixed in favour of a free-to-play replacement — so in this rare case Android users are at an app advantage.

Both Classic and Frenzy take advantage of the latest Android handsets and the original has been optimized with performance enhancements and bug fixes.

If you want to get in on the fun, download Whale Trail Classic for $1.99, or give Whale Trail Frenzy a go for free.