HTC One X Official Kickstand Case review

HTC offers a line of official cases and accessories for its One series, and the flagship case for its flagship One X is a fantastic, sturdy and unobtrusive piece of kit.

For $39.99 available at Rogers and TELUS stores, the accessory is a great example of what a case should be: protective without getting in the way. Made of a hard plastic shell, it is ribbed like a tire for extra friction, and has a nice matte finish.

All the ports are accessible, including the speaker grill at the back. It covers most of the sides and fits snugly, but does not come up past the screen, so your One X is still vulnerable if dropped on its face.

Due to the relatively heavy-duty nature of the materials used, the case adds quite a bit of weight to the phone, but it feels better as a result. The problem with the One X, especially the white version, is that its specialized polycarbonate body is slippery, and is exacerbated by the phone’s large size. The case makes it much less likely to slip out of your hand and, in the event it does happen, less likely to be damaged.

The, ahem, kicker is the built-in kickstand that extends the functionality of the 4.7-inch screen to full-on media player status. While the prospect of watching a full movie on a smartphone may not appeal to the average user, its presence takes up little room on the back and feels very sturdy. For the occasional plane or train ride, it could turn out to be a blessing. The case also protects the slightly-protruding camera lens, which was a bit concern of ours when we reviewed the device.

The case may not be perfect, but HTC has done a great job protecting the main tenets of the device without adding too much weight or bulk. At $39.99 it may be a bit expensive, but it’s far better than the average silicone slip, and if it means the difference between a dinged corner, what’s $40 in the long run?