Google paid $5.5 billion for Motorola’s patents, less than half total cost of acquisition

The Wall Street Journal has uncovered some details about just how much Google paid for each aspect of its Motorola Mobility acquisition last year. Turns out that the patents, which we all thought were the main reason for the purchase, made up less than half the total cost of the $12.4 billion number — $5.5 billion to be exact.

During Google’s quarterly earnings call last week, it was revealed that Motorola added $1.25 billion in revenue to the company, whose overall profits climbed quite a bit year over year.

The rest of the purchase amounted to $2.9 billion for cash acquired, $2.6 billion was “related to goodwill,” and $730 million for customer relationships. A remaining $670 million was for “other net assets acquired,” which is an expensive accumulation of odds and ends.

We’re hoping to see the fruits of that purchase in the coming months; the ATRIX HD LTE and RAZR V have taken steps to be more “Google-ized” by adding on-screen navigation buttons, but that’s about it.

Source: Wall Street Journal
Via: Pando Daily