LG Optimus LTE gets first CyanogenMOD 10 builds

The CM10 train keeps on rolling. We know there are a few Bell LG Optimus LTE who are still waiting for their official Ice Cream Sandwich update. The latest timetable puts it in August, while the TELUS version is imminent. Nevertheless, this is still not the latest version of Android to hit the streets — that title belongs to Jelly Bean.

CyanogenMOD 10 is coming along nicely on many Qualcomm-based devices, and Android developer Ricardo Cerqueira has built a working ROM for the Optimus LTE P930. While it may not be as smooth as it could be — there are some proprietary graphics libraries that Qualcomm has yet to release — most everything works, including the camera.

If you are a TELUS or Bell LG Optimus LTE user with a proclivity for living on the bleeding edge, head on over to XDA-Developers.

Via: Google+