Rogers launching the “One Number Telephone Adapter,” gives customers VoIP calling

Rogers launched their “One Number” service in February and gave customers the freedom to talk, text , and video chat from a computer using their Rogers wireless number.

More and more Canadians are choosing to cancel their home phone service and go the route of a cell only household, or user a service like Skype to make calls. Rogers will be getting deeper into this game soon as they’ll be releasing a “Rogers One Number Telephone Adapter.” This will probably drop their home phone business a bit, but Rogers One Number customers will be able to make VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) call by simply plugging a landline jack into the adapter, then the adapter into high speed internet connection.

According to the internal doc we received it states that users will have to purchase the “Rogers One Number Phone Add-on service” and also buy the adapter for $24.99. We’re currently unsure of how much the add-on service is, but hopefully not more than a regular landline fee. Rogers also notes the following benefits:

Additional Features & Benefits
• Uses your wireless number without using wireless minutes
• Unlimited Canada wide long distance calling
• Simply connect up to two analog phones, or fax machines
• Two ports allow for two independent calls at the same time
• Seamlessly transfer calls from your wireless phone to regular phone
• Save on US and International calls
• Requires an internet connection (not house wiring or jacks)

Update: It looks like the add-on service for Rogers One Number will cost $10 per month

We’ll have more info on this soon.
(Thanks tipster!)