Android multi-user support built into Jelly Bean, can be enabled with a bit of work

We told you about the various multi-user capabilities built into Android over the last year or so, and it seems that while they’re not quite ready for primetime, the feature can be enabled in AOSP Jelly Bean. Developers at XDA-Developers have been experimenting with the prospects, creating second accounts and seeing exactly what is blocked off and allowed from the primary account.

At this point a second account cannot access photos, contacts, music, shared app data and home screen layouts from the first. This is good — such data should not be accessible between users at all. But, perhaps accounting for the early nature of the integration, SMS messages, recent apps and default app choices are all shared between the two users, which is a big privacy issue.

Check out a video of the integration after the break and let us know if you’d end up using the feature if it was more easily accessed.

Source: XDA-Developers
Via: Phandroid