70% of digital traffic to Canadian Olympics portals this past weekend from mobile devices

Mobile continues to be a huge factor in the proliferation of digital traffic to various Canadian Olympics sites. According to a press release by Canada’s Olympic Broadcast Media Consortium, 70% of digital traffic this past weekend was from mobile devices this past weekend.

Out of the 129 million views to CTVOlympics.ca and CTV Olympics London 2012 app (and their French equivalents), Saturday and Sunday saw a huge spike in mobile traffic. While there are no mobile-specific numbers, it’s clear that the increase in pageviews on the go, including mobile video and the like, is due to the broadening of 3G- and LTE-capable devices as well as the inclusion of mobile TV packages within many consumer data plans.

When the Olympics ends this week, we’re looking forward to seeing a breakdown of just how many mobile viewers there were for this most-watched-ever Games.

Source: Newswire