HTC One X2 — Endeavour C2 — could be coming as early as October

HTC’s One X is a pretty darn good smartphone, and its recent update has made it even better.

Though it only came out in April, HTC has been working on a new device, according to leaked sources, that will make it even better. While currently using the working name Endeavour C2 (the original One X was codenamed Endeavour) it will likely come to market as the One X II or One X2, and be equipped with a 1.7Ghz quad-core Tegra 3+ processor, much like the T-Mobile variant of the One X.

This could be the 5-inch 1080p device we talked about last week, though at this point all we know is that the device will have a larger battery (thank goodness!), a faster processor, more RAM (hopefully 2GB) and come bundled with some urBeats headphones.

Also on board is ClearVoice HD calling technology which, once activated by the carriers, will allow for sharp-as-a-tack voice calls. HTC’s updated Watch application will also be on board, though we’d expect all devices with the service to receive the same update at some point.

Sound good? Is it too soon for a One X follow-up?

Via: PhoneArena