TinyCo, developers of Tiny Village, expanding to Vancouver with $18 million venture capital round

Social gaming, one of the forerunner categories of in-app purchases, has taken off in massive ways. Thanks in part to Facebook and to the free-as-in-beer nature of mobile gaming, companies like Zynga and TinyCo have expanded rapidly to cater to a hungry and growing audience.

The latter company, which has developed games like Tiny Village, Tiny Monsters and VIP Poker, has announced expansion plans to Vancouver, B.C., as part of an $18 million round of venture capital funding. The funding, provided by Andreessen Horowitz, is allowing TinyCo to hire “high-caliber engineers, designers, and artists who are passionate about gaming on mobile platforms.”

TinyCo’s Chief People Officer, Laurie Deneschuk, originally hailed from Saskatchewan and cites Vancouver as the “perfect place… to continue to grow.”

Via: CNW