Samsung now safely world’s largest mobile phone maker, Apple surges into third

The world’s smartphone market may be rapidly expanding, but total sales for all cellphones dropped 2.3% in Q2 from a year ago. Smartphone sales, however, grew 43% from last year and accounted for nearly 37% of all cellphones sold worldwide.

Samsung led the way, comfortably now, with 90 million handsets sold. Gartner doesn’t break down the number of smartphones per manufacturer, but according to IDC they sold over 50 million smartphones in Q2, which make up more than 50% of their total sales. Gartner claims that Samsung sold around 45 million smartphones for the quarter, so we know it’s a rough number.

Nokia lost considerable market share in Q2 but still sold 83 million devices. They lost 3% market share in the time period, while Samsung rose 5%. Apple iPhone sales declined by 12.6% from the beginning of the year, but overall numbers are up considerably from this time last year.

Android’s market share rose from 43% to 64% worldwide from Q2 2011 to the same time in 2012.

Source: Gartner
Via: Engadget