There are 16 million iOS and Android devices in Canada, among fastest technology growth in history

We live in a time that adopts, and adapts to, technology faster than any other in history. This may seem obvious, but for many people on smartphones, it’s hard to remember a period before their ubiquity. The prevalence is so widespread, in fact, that they’ve even changed the way our brains work.

While the United States and China have the largest number of iOS and Android devices, Flurry reports that Canada has over 16 million active devices as of July 2012. This means that there’s a smartphone from Apple or Google in every second pocket in the country. This goes against the latest J.D. Power & Associates findings from May that says BlackBerry still has a slight lead over Apple in the Canadian market, though their places have likely reversed in recent months. Still, the report confirms that smartphone penetration has surged past 50% in Canada, and will likely hit 60% by the end of the year.

According to Flurry, smartphones are being adopted ten times faster than the 80s PC revolution, twice as fast as the internet boom in the 90s and three times as fast as social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Those are pretty astonishing numbers considering there are nearly a billion users on Facebook. Estimates of 640 million worldwide iOS and Android devices may be conservative, as Google claims to be activating close to a million Android handsets a day, and that number doesn’t look like it will slow any time soon.

Source: Flurry
Via: Android Authority