TELUS wins $300,000 wireless contract with the City of Timmins

TELUS has outbid NorthernTel Mobility (division of Bell Aliant) and Rogers to win a 5-year wireless contract with the City of Timmins. The city was originally working with NortherTel, spending about $74,000 per year, but TELUS came in with most cost effective rates during the RFP process. According to a report Rogers submitted plans at $63,898/year; NorthernTel at $61,184 and TELUS was $59,400/year. The contract involves 147 wireless devices.

Most interesting is that TELUS doesn’t have any cell towers in the Timmins area. They have a tower sharing agreement with the Mobility Network, which is owned by Bell, but will offer up “exactly the same footprint of coverage as NorthernTel.”

Certainly not the best news for local fan-favourite NorthernTel, but will certainly help TELUS increase their subscriber numbers.

Source: TimminsTimes