US Open Tennis Championships app for Android and iOS brings you video, news and lots of stats

If you’re a tennis fan, you likely don’t need me to tell you that this the best time of the year to follow the sport. The US Open is considered by many (perhaps not the British) to be the most entertaining two weeks of tennis in the year.

It’s almost a given that a sporting event such as this will have a mobile app, and the US Open is no exception. Recently updated for this year’s tournament, the app is available for iOS and Android and brings scores, stats, video, live radio, schedules and more.

This year also brings “My US Open”, a feature that allows you to choose your favourite players and follow “Expert Pick” games, ones that may not be between top-seeded players, but could showcase upcoming talent or unexpected upsets. While there is a corporate tie-in with Amex, the feature is actually quite helpful and lets you cut out all the cruft you don’t want to see.

There is also going to be live video of important matches over the Labour Day weekend, leading up to the Finals the following week. In between, match highlights will be provided. It’s nice to see more single-serving apps such as US Open actually going in-depth, and not just existing for the sake of corporate sponsorship.

Download US Open Championship for Android or iOS.

Via: Gizmodo