Update: Virgin and Bell to release the “Smartphone 73 – 6GB” plan

Virgin Mobile will be releasing a new plan tomorrow (September 13th) called the “Smartphone 73 – 6GB.” This, as you’d expect, is $73/month and comes with 6GB data. Here are the complete details of the plan:

– 200 Anytime Minutes
– Weekends & Evenings starting at 6PM
– Unlimited Canada, U.S. & International Text & Picture Messaging
– Unlimited Canada-Wide Talk & Text to 10 Buddies
– 6 GB of Data

The plan will be available “until store close on September 30th” and is “ALMOST too hot to handle.”

Update: Bell will also be offering the same plan, theirs is called the “Fab 10 Promo 73” and the internal doc we received says “This plan offers 6 GB of data, 10 hours of Mobile TV, and unlimited nationwide Fab 10 calling.”

(Thanks tipster!)