Evernote Skitch 2.0 brings rich annotations to iPhone and iPad, Android coming soon

Evernote purchased Skitch last year, and has turned the Mac app into a fully-fletched annotation ecosystem. The company released an iPad app and then a very decent Android app shortly thereafter. The only missing piece of the puzzle was an iPhone/iPod Touch app, which has been rectified in the latest universal update.

Evernote has been fully integrated into Skitch, so all your annotations, scribbles and edits will be synced among your mobile devices and desktop. There are new features such as a Pixelator and a Highlighter, which make it easier to focus on specific things or block out a license plate, for example.

All annotations are saved in .skitch format (until they are exported) and can be edited, and re-edited, across devices. This brings an amazing amount of flexibility to Skitch, which has become an invaluable part of my writing life.

While this big update only addresses iOS devices, Evernote says that the Android version is coming soon.

Download Evernote Skitch for iOS.

Via: Evernote Blog