PlayStation Mobile to launch in Canada on October 3rd with 30 titles

PlayStation Mobile, the reboot of Sony’s ill-fated PlayStation Suite for Android, is hitting compatible devices on October 3rd. As mentioned previously, Sony devices, along with “Certified” partners such as HTC, will be eligible to download PlayStation Minis, mobile-focused games that can be submitted through a curated store.

Priced between $1 and $10, there will be 30 games at launch that Sony will curate in its app store. Developers can submit titles directly to Sony, and build titles using the cross-platform PlayStation Mobile SDK, which will go live sometime in November. There’s a $99.99 fee associated with the finished product, but developers have been using the beta SDK for months to build their launch day titles.

Sony’s latest devices, such as the Xperia Tablet S, the Tablet S, Xperia ion, Xperia S, will have access to PlayStation Mobile, alongside HTC’s One series.

According to Pocket Gamer, some of the titles expected to debut in 2012 are: Aqua Kitty, Flick Hockey, Frederic – Resurrection of Music, Panic, Passing Time, Samurai Beatdown, Slidinbeats, Super Crate Box, Tipper, Tractor Trails, and Twist Pilot.

Are you looking forward to using PlayStation Mobile?

Source: Pocket Gamer
Via: AndroidAuthority