Get ready for Bad Piggies: Rovio moves beyond Angry Birds

Bad Piggies, Rovio’s first branded release since Amazing Alex, is set for release tomorrow on iOS, Android and OS X.

The game appears to be at first aesthetically-similar to the Angry Birds series — you’ll notice the “piggies” have the same cheeky, stupid grin — but the game promises to be significantly more difficult than its slingshot forebears. The idea is simple: get your pig from one end of the map to another. But, as with most physics-based games, there is some thinking involved, in this case building a contraption with the right mix of tools and parts to move the pig without crashing.

While parts of Angry Birds involved luck, and perseverance, Bad Piggies is more about thinking through the options. There will be in-app purchases at play, too, for solving puzzles quicker, but the game promises to be another addictive 99c romp.

It debuts on iPhone, iPad, Android and OS X tomorrow, and we’ll link to it when it does. We’re also hearing that Google is including Bad Piggies in its 25 billion downloads celebration, so look for it to be discounted on the Play Store.

Source: Engadget