Video: iPhone 5 gets treated with Liquipel 2.0, dunked in water

Making phones or tablet waterproof or water resistant is nothing new. Many manufacturers have been including this added feature into their devices for years. Most recently is Sony with the newly announced Xperia Z (see here). At CES this year Liquipel came back with version 2.0 of their self-sealing nano coating that protects your device from water/liquids. At their booth they gave a quick demo with the iPhone 5 and both the inside and outside have been sprayed and protected with Liquipel 2.0.

Apparently this second generation is 100 times better than the first go-around, plus can survive about 3.3 feet underwater for 30 minutes. There are no plans to offer this service in Canada, but does cost about $60. It looks like the product works, but to void them of any potential lawsuits Liquipel notes on their site that “Liquipel applies a preventative coating designed to aid in the event of accidental liquid exposure, and assumes no responsibility for water damaged devices. Liquipel does not recommend your device ever come in contact with liquid.” Check it out below.