RIM adjusts minimum pricing for BlackBerry World apps

RIM posted a note on their developer blog of imminent changes to the app pricing within BlackBerry World (formerly called BlacKBerry App World). They stated that “in preparation for launch of BlackBerry 10” the minimum price of a paid app will decrease – the first wave will hit those in the UK and European countries, then roll-out to “other currencies.”

There’s no word yet on the impact for Canadian BlackBerry app, but RIM said “Currently, the lowest tier in the UK is £1.00. Once the price tier changes are implemented, the lowest tier will be £0.75. For Euros the tier will vary by country. For example, in France the current lowest tier is €0.99. With the pricing tier changes, the new lowest tier will be €0.89.”

When RIM launched BlackBerry App World back on April 1st, 2009 they set the minimum price per paid app at $3.69CDN ($2.99 USD). This set the stage of having wanting quality apps versus quantity. Gradually over time the prices dropped, now at a minimum of $0.99 (CDN). So, if Canada is included in the “other currencies,” I can see BlackBerry 10 apps having a minimum price of $0.75. This will certainly help drive downloads.

Frank Boulben, RIM’s CMO, promised over 70,000 available apps when BlackBerry 10 launches.

Source: BlackBerry
Via: TNW & Twitter