Video: BlackBerry’s Super Bowl ad from 2013

BlackBerry commercial from 2013 for teh Z10

After a couple teases with still images, BlackBerry officially unloaded their 30-second commercial during the Super Bowl tonight. Instead of focussing on what BlackBerry 10 and the new BlackBerry Z10 can do, the Waterloo-based company did a bit of reverse psychology and decided to go the route of what the device CAN’T do – such as “turn a truck intro rubber ducks, turn a man into half-elephant”. They did however remind the masses in the description that BB10 can “turn back time when editing photos, house all of your messages from every single account in one hub, and access data, apps and contacts in work mode or personal mode, all on one device with BlackBerry Balance on BlackBerry 10.”

Check it out below, apparently, the spot cost about $3.8 million… let us know your thoughts on it.

Source: YouTube