Rogers will soon offer a discount on monthly plans when you bring your own device

Over the past few months a number of Canadian carriers have decided to offer a slight discount for customers who bring their own device and sign up on a month-to-month plan. The average monthly savings is about 10% of your wireless less bill, which on a yearly basis could mount to be a sizeable stash of cash. TELUS and Bell have it, as do their sub-brands Koodo and Virgin Mobile.

Rogers also has something similar with their “Hand-Me-Down program.” This initiative gives a “new start” to your unwanted device as Rogers encourages you to give your old phone to someone else, then activate a new line where a “Handed Down Device Credit” of $5 or $10/month will appear on your bill. Currently this “Hand-Me-Down” program is only available for Rogers devices, but we’ve been informed that the restriction will soon be removed and become available to any device from any network.

This strategy that the carriers are implementing is clearly the right way to do business. What would be even better is to have a greater percentage or dollar amount discount for the number of consecutive months you’re with the carrier. The key is to be happy with your device and also the monthly rate plan.

(Thanks tipster!)