Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 spotted at company’s official MWC booth


It’s been a poorly-kept secret for months, but Samsung is finally ready to unleash the portrait-oriented Galaxy Note 8.0 to the world. Appearing as a slightly rounder, modestly larger version of the Note II, the Note 8.0 even looks to have a hardware home button and a headpiece for making calls. Could this be the return to the original Galaxy Tab form factor?

We know that it will come with a S Pen stylus, likely a quad-core Exynos processor and 2GB RAM, and sport an underwhelming 1280×800 resolution LCD display. Other than that, we can hope for Android 4.2 but the device will likely ship with Android 4.1.2, and there’s always the chance some unique attributes will make the Note 8.0 stand out from the pack, aside from its relatively unique size.

You’ll know more when we do, likely Monday morning.

Source: Slashgear