Facebook Home APK Teardown Points To Launcher Replacement

Screenshot_2013-04-01_2_32_PMAs we continue our trek towards Thursday, when Facebook announces its inevitable “Home on Android,” Android Police has recently turned up a build of the new software destined to be paired with the HTC Myst device.

It looks like the specs were correct: the Myst will sport a 4.3-inch 720p display and a 1.5Ghz Snapdragon S4 processor with 1GB RAM and a 5MP camera. It also looks to be running a customized build of Sense 4.5 — not quite as new as the HTC One, but still newer than last year’s models.

There’s a new launcher in place, which will look nothing like your typical Sense home screen; instead it will be Facebook blue, with icons for Messenger, Camera and the main app itself. According to AP, the Facebook app is not only a new build, but it’s been designed specially for the phone — it has a new developer codename, wakizashi.

One interesting tidbit we can glean from this APK leak is something called ‘Chat Heads’, which seems to be an always-on version of Facebook Messenger that will show the “heads,” or profile photos, of users when they come online. Facebook is seemingly trying to integrate Messenger deeper into the OS experience, something Microsoft has done with Windows Phone and Sony has done with certain Xperia Android devices.

There are lots of other goodies for the technically-minded over at Android Police, so head on over.

Via: Android Police