HD Widgets’ Colourform Pack Offers 50 Minimalist Widgets In Every Shade

Screenshot_2013-04-02-17-45-50 Screenshot_2013-04-02-17-47-15HD Widgets, one of the apps consistently at the top of the Google Play charts, has been augmented today with what could be the most versatile add-on to grace Android to date.

Initially released as a free beta, the full version costs just over a dollar and comes with over 50 widgets in a variety of sizes — 1×1, 2×1, 4×1 and 4×2 — that can be customized based on colour, opacity, font and content.

The most basic of these will be a 4×2 widget which displays the time, date and weather, but the app allows for nearly infinite granularity. You can change the background colour, texture and font on a per-letter basis, or you can let the app create random combinations if you’re feeling lazy.

One of the better additions to the paid version is a set of widgets with quick setting toggles like WiFi, Bluetooth and Auto Brightness.

The flat, minimalist design of each widget adheres nicely to the stock Android experience, too, so Nexus devices will want to take a look at this.

You do need to own the $1.99 HD Widgets app already to enable Colourform, but at a total cost of $3, the pack is hardly an expensive proposition.

Download Colourform for Android.