Samsung Expects Q1 Profits To Broach $8 Billion, And That’s Without The Galaxy S4

Samsung is betting on massive first quarter earnings results, with the period ending March 31st approaching $8 billion USD in profits. This would be up 45% over the same period last year, when the company made $4.5 billion.

Q1 2013 revenue was also up a decent amount from the same period last year, but is down slightly from Samsung’s enormous Q4 2012, when the company boasted record sales of 63.7 million smartphones.

With the Galaxy S4 on the horizon, the year is young for the Korean giant, though like Apple there is a rather unrealistic expectation that profits will continue to rise quarter over quarter. Samsung has promised another flagship in 2013 with what will likely be called the Note 3, and there are rumours of a new series, the Galaxy MEGA, that shatters the barrier between phone and tablet.

Source: Samsung
ia: The Verge