Update: BlackBerry Q10 pre-order now available from several carriers


So it certainly looks like the BlackBerry Q10 will be available in Canada by the end of the month. TELUS has just posted a ‘pre-order’ page on their site. The price is listed as $199 on a 3-year and $700 outright. As for shipping: “Devices will begin shipping April 29th. Please allow 2-3 business days for delivery.” In addition, the only Q10 to arrive on launch day is the black version.

Also, if you’re into accessories, TELUS shows a BlackBerry Leather Holster for $39.99, a TELUS gel case (Pink, Black and Clear) for $19.99 and a 2-pack screen protector for $14.99.

Update: Future Shop has posted a pre-order as well. They note in an email to us that “The new BlackBerry Q10 smartphone will be available at Bell, Rogers, TELUS and Virgin Mobile Canada networks in the coming weeks. Customers can pre-order the new BlackBerry Q10 from any Future Shop store in Canada with a $50 deposit.”

Update #2: Rogers has opened up pre-orders for the 2,600 MHz BlackBerry Q10. As expected, the price is $199.99 on a 3-year contract. Plus they will exclusively carry the white BlackBerry Q10, plus have the black version available, too.

Update: #3: Fido has joined in the fun. They list the Q10 for $650 outright and $350 on a 2-year contract.

Update #4: Best Buy has also put up pre-orders for the Q10. You’ll have to drop $50 to secure yourself one. In addition, they are offering up a 20% discount on any accessory for anyone who pre-orders.

Update #5: SaskTel has opened up pre-orders. You will have to give $50 for a deposit. No word on their prices.

Update #6: Bell joined the Q10 festivities. They will be going live with BBQ10 pre-orders on April 19th and you can expect to see a $199.95 on a 3-year term, or $699.95 outright.

Source: TELUS, Rogers, Fido, SaskTel, Bell
Via: Future Shop, Best Buy