Video: Samsung designers tell the Galaxy S4 design story, says it’s like “a precious stone glittering in the dark”

Samsung has uploaded a 4-minute video that gives the design story of the Galaxy S4 – straight from the designers who built it. It’s worth a gander if you have the time, but if you want the quick version:

“This year, we decided to go deeper into people’s lives”
“Not a radical difference, but more of an evolution”
“Like nothing you’ve ever seen before?”
“It understands me. It’s aware of me. It knowns what I am trying to do.”
“While Galaxy S3 has natural elements as a motif, in Galaxy S4 the form factor was designed with a more rational approach.”
“A precious stone glittering in the dark, or a countless stars sparkling in the night sky.”
“We wanted to find the perfect line.”

Source: YouTube
Via: Engadget