Nexus 4 in White captured on video!

nexus 4 white
The Nexus 4 in White has popped up in various corners of the world, but not yet officially announced. This unicorn device has now been captured on film, both in pictures and video, at an event called The Mobile Show in Dubai, specifically at the Qualcomm booth. TechView notes that the N4 is running Android 4.2, which is an older OS as the current Nexus 4 is at 4.2.2. However, it looks real a reflective backing seems to shine a bit more than the back version, but the source notes that “the front is still black and takes the charm away from the device.”

Unfortunately, still no word on when/if this colour will be available to the masses. One can dream of an announcement coming at Google I/O tomorrow. Video below…

Source: TechView
Via: Android Central, The Verge