Chrome for Android gains fullscreen browsing, improved search and better tablet support

Chrome for Android has been boosted to version 27, coinciding with the recent Chrome Beta releases. In fact, the new release is identical to the current beta release, which should get its own boost to a new WebKit-forked version 28 in the coming days.

The main draw of Chrome 27 for Android revolves around fullscreen browsing: when you begin scrolling down the page, the Omnibox — the combination search and address bar — disappears, leaving the entire display for content.

The other notable improvement is the way Chrome intergrates the Omnibox into search results. Instead of taking you to a separate Google search page with redundant information on the page and in the Omnibox itself, it just gives you more search results.

While Opera, Firefox and many others are vying for the Android browser crown, Chrome has consistently bettered them all, if not in performance then sheer compatibility. It will be interesting to see how Chrome for Android evolves now that Google has forked WebKit, is pushing its own WebP image format, and plans to make its VP9 video codec an integral part of its WebM video container.

Google also plans to update its iOS app with voice search, as was announced in the Google I/O keynote last week.

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Via: Google Blog